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* Do you know what the DNAME record is?

Suggested article: What is a DNAME record?

DNAME record is an essential record type from the Domain Name System. It replaces one domain name suffix with the other by mapping all names in one domain to those in another.

To easily understand how it works, let's see an example. Like CNAME, the 'delegation name' record generates a domain alias, but this alias will also redirect all subdomains. If the owner of '' purchased the domain '' and gave it a DNAME record pointing to ',' that link would also include '' and any additional subdomains.

Two typical cases for employing DNAME records are as follows:

  • When one firm buys another, it wants visitors to be able to reach the same hosts using both the old and new namespaces.
  • Different "vanity" domain names point to the same server or servers in a virtual Web hosting operation.

In case you are interested, and you want to learn more, we suggest you find out more about the purpose of the DNAME record!